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Tom and I decided that we were going to find a sixties Honda Dream to restore.  In the process of trying to find a tank and carb for the 62 dream we had purchased, we wound up with a few extra parts.  The photo below shows some of what we came home with the day we went to get a tank and carb from a guy that said he "had some of them 305 parts laying around."  Not pictured are two more bikes in the back of his truck and the bike and a half in the back of mine.  While I will not be able to enjoy a ride on one of our completed dreams with my dear friend Thomas, I'm sure he'll be with me and making sure I keep the rubber side down.

This site and the endeavors to be detailed within are dedicated to his memory.


  In valor there is hope.

From the History Channel:

September 24

1948 Honda Starts Its Engines

The Honda Motor Company, one of the world's leading automobile

manufacturers, began as a research institute founded by engineer Honda

Soichiro. The institute focused on creating small, efficient

internal-combustion engines, before it began incorporating these

engines into motorcycles under the Honda name. It was on this day that

the Honda Technical Research Institute officially became the Honda

Motor Company, establishing a corporation that would become the

leading producer of motorcycles in the world. Still, while Honda is

the unchallenged leader in motorcycle production, the bulk of the

company's revenue comes from its automobiles. Popular models like the

Civic and Accord, and its dedication to lightweight, fuel-efficient

cars, have made Honda a leader in the automotive industry.

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